Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Car Live Wallpaper Free

Download this android app from Google Play: Car Live Wallpaper Free

The Best Car live wallpaper app where there is no pictures slideshow. This car wallpaper is like a real side view of the road.
Car is running with interactive backgrounds from left to right and right to left with touch respond. In full version where there is no limit on customization, you can customize your background, roads, car colors, car horn and touch respond with Car live wallpaper.

when you touch the car it will run fast, vibration and car horn buzz.

free version:
★ customize car response or not.
★ car horn on touch
★ vibration on car touch

Full version:
★ ads free
★ customize background
★ choose different roads
★ change car colors -17 (pink, purple, green, lime, red etc.)
★ Adjust Car speed.
★ car horn on touch and you can change the car horn to 15 different horns.
★ car response etc. with full customize settings.

Car horn volume is depend on the media player volume.

To set a live wallpaper:
★ go to "Menu" -> "Wallpaper" -> "Live Wallpapers" -> select "Car Live Wallpaper Free" -> "Set Wallpaper"

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